Auraology was created to bring light into the world through showing people what their aura currently says about them. Our goal is to provide a fun and insightful experience for all that come through our booth. We want to give the most accurate readings possible so the information we provide has the ability to empower individuals with options on what they can do with this new found knowledge. 


about the booth

We are an LA based aura photography studio. Auraology is the first in the world to offer animated versions of your aura image. 

The booth itself is portable and can fit in most indoor and outdoor spaces.

We offer packages for corporate events and parties as well as individual appointments during partnered events. 

Auraology prides itself on the quality of information about energy and the auric field. We provide thorough and uplifting readings with each session. 

Your guests will be talking and sharing these all over!


The Auraology Team


Lisandra Vazquez — The smiling face inside of the booth (and behind the business) has been a professional photographer for over six years specializing in portraits and events predominantly in the health and wellness space. Personally, she enjoys going outdoors, traveling to be with her family, trying new foods, doing kundalini yoga, and hanging out with her English Bulldog, Rose. 


Isabel D. -  From the heart of Pittsburgh, PA Isabel is a valuable part of the Auraology team as a multi-utility player (including Aura Reader). If you have been to our events on the West Coast, chances are this is the face that you saw first! She has a background in design, art, fashion and has a passion for all things aura. Isabel will be offering aura readings in the booth starting Summer of 2019!



...The photos and animation are something I will cherish forever. I really gave me such a sense of peace and wellbeing. The lightworker was so kind and empathetic, I can honestly not be more thankful. It was truly a magical experience.
— Rachael K.

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