The Aura + Heartache... 5 Tips to Survive & Thrive


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by lisandra vazquez

So no one likes to get their heart broken. Like, it completely sucks. But if you are someone who is at least trying to live in your truth/integrity... it happens. I had my heart broken recently by someone who came into (and out of) my life in a very serendipitous way. The good part is that this person allowed me to open up in ways I hadn’t opened myself up in YEARS. The bad part came when I revealed my feelings and I was met with resistance then distance. Fun, right? Well... if I am of the belief that everything happens for a reason, then this sucky rejection/heartache/vulnerability falls right into that category. 

First off- NO ONE that is going through this stuff right now wants to hear (even if it’s true): 

“It’s just not meant to be”

“What an asshole”

“You’re just way too good for him”

We get it. Our logical self GETS it. It’s the emotional side of things that needs a minute to catch up, process and heal. 

I am a super Virgo... I approach things best when there are defined roles and duties so I can steadily move forward. So, of course, I want to do all the right things to properly heal and move on to the next. Only this isn’t a career change, it’s my heart. *womp womp*

So in case someone needs to read this... these are some aura healing lessons and tips that I learned from moving through and past my heartache.


I know... here comes the aura photographer and her colors. Lol. But this stuff actually makes a difference in how you feel. The vibrational qualities behind colors can affect your aura, lift your spirits and affect the way the world around you relates to you. Buy some flowers or plants, wear these colors, meditate on them, use them as a backdrop on your phone, whatever suits your lifestyle.

Myrah is wearing one of her 100% linen gowns in white.

Myrah is wearing one of her 100% linen gowns in white.

GREEN - healing, prosperous, unconditional love, peace and harmony.
GOLD - high achieving, talented, magnetic, globally minded and disciplined
WHITE - cleansing, purity, connection to the divine, new beginnings
YELLOW - joy, intellect, and overall optimism 
ORANGE - creativity, emotional balance, ability to improvise and confidence 
RED - vitality, strength, perfection and ambition
BLUE - wisdom, empathy, loyalty, and feeling of home
VIOLET - charming, playful, magical and connection to spirit/universe
TURQUOISE - healer, teacher, leader and speaker
PINK - romance, giving, receiving, grace and softness

*For extra credit the MATERIALS you wear also have a vibrational and healing quality. Head over to my friend and incredible designer Myra Penaloza’s blog to read all about the power of LINEN.


Listen, y’all. We all love a good break up song but I am begging you... DO. NOT. INDULGE. Listen to the full Lemonade album for three days straight or whatever you need to do but- honey... LET. IT. GO.

We don’t want to be angry Beyonce for long…

We don’t want to be angry Beyonce for long…

The vibration of that music will affect your aura simply because of the emotional weight that you are giving to it at the moment. If you are actively NOT trying to be in a state of: anger, sadness, suffering, betrayal and overall heartbreak... drop the Alanis, drop the Adele and you know what? Sam Smith can sit this one out too. 

For me it was the ‘A Star Is Born’ soundtrack. If you saw that movie you know how fun and healthy that dynamic was, (lol) but it was one that I associated to the person I was involved with. I had to cut myself off from that music- and other sad heartache songs - to consciously only listen to empowering and uplifting music.

So instead of “Gravity” by Sara Bareilles, “Too Good At Goodbyes” by Sam Smith or “Wrecking Ball” by Miley... I beg you to at least hit up a good Cardi B “Money” or Demi Lovato’s “Confident” (stay awayyy from “Stone Cold”). *shudders*

They say fake it until you make it and I think that Pharrell singing “Happy” will feel real false until the moment it doesn’t... and isn’t THAT what we want? To be happy?

If “Happy” doesn’t work, please click on the Justin Timberlake image. If that doesn’t make you happy somewhere deep inside. We need to talk.

When we can be happy like Justin and all the other folks in this video.

When we can be happy like Justin and all the other folks in this video.


I’m not saying you have to change your lifestyle and sign up for a marathon (but if you’re a runner, more power to you!). This is not just so you can get a revenge body (although- if you’re into it, do it.)- moving more stimulates your aura into an energetic state of making room for growth, wanting MORE and honey... we want more for you. 

Not big into fitness? Go outside and go for a walk around your neighborhood! Take in the beauty around you for bonus points. 

Don’t really have a walkable area? Try looking up local gyms. A lot of places offer specials for new clients so you might be able to get a new hobby with a good price tag! If Class Pass is available near you, check it out!

Don’t want to see people? Thank goodness for the Internet. Youtube! There are SO many fitness and dance channels out there for you to try. Channels like POPSugar, Blogilates, FitOn App or even just searching: “dance tutorial” then just have fun! (Please watch any “flossing” dance tutorials)


What makes you laugh? Laughter increases the radiance in your aura and heal your heart, so let’s get more of it! 

Do you have local comedy clubs? We are spoiled in LA and can pretty much see a live show each night but if you don’t have that available there is always Netflix!

Our BOY Rickey T.

Our BOY Rickey T.

Youtube also has some great and funny content that can keep you off of the OTHER social media platforms that might make one sad. (Insert happy couples or temptation to stalk on IG/Facebook) I recommend Rickey Thompson. You’re welcome.

Make game night plan with some friends! I’ve shared some of the best times with friends over games like Cards Against Humanity, Charades or Scattegories. You will not only feel great for having your friends around but it will make you laugh until your sides hurt- which is always good. 



Yes- I am sort of telling you to take this time to Marie Kondo the F out of your life. Do the things in your space spark joy? No? Then buh-bye.  (For more info on that, just watch the show on Netflix based on her book “The Art of Tidying Up”.)

Get some new colors in your space! Go to an Ikea, Target, West Elm, Dollar Tree, whatever and get some new accents to revive your space. You’ll be surprised how much a new color of curtain can completely affect your mood when you walk into a familiar space. Talk about boosting your aura. 

If you can’t or don’t want to go out and buy new accessories, why don’t you try rearranging furniture? Taking your existing flow and turning it into basically a new room can be quite exciting for your spirit. It will take you out of your comfort zone and help you to really accept that you are moving towards a new chapter.


Listen, Linda. I know everyone is different and we all have our own process. This is a list that I put together after years of tried and true testing of the other ways of handling this topic. You know- over eating, over drinking, internet stalking, watching sad movies, listening to sad music, isolating myself from my friends, clinging to the items/spaces that were “ours”, etc. 


What do I say to that now? Not today Satan. Not to-day. We don’t need to be addicted to our suffering anymore. Even if it doesn’t feel authentic or appropriate to be choosing joy when you are processing a loss- just try. It will keep getting more natural over time. I promise. 

If you do feel like you need someone to talk to but don’t feel comfortable talking to friends or family, there are so many wonderful resources out there now. Apps like TalkSpace offer the ability for you to talk to a professional from the privacy of where you are. 

Keep on shining (or just fake it till you make it)



Lisandra Vazquez