The Aura + Las Vegas... 5 Lessons I Learned in Sin City


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By Lisandra Vazquez

On the surface Las Vegas doesn’t seem like the place where one would go for a spiritual teaching. However, I was neck deep in work so when my friends invited me to join them for a birthday celebration… I jumped at the chance. 

To be perfectly honest, Vegas has not been a place I’ve enjoyed in the past. So let’s just start there, lol. I’ve only been a handful of times for work or 24 hour type of events. If you’ve been there, you know it’s hot, crowded and wow… there is just SO much artificiality.

As you can imagine, I was surprised to leave Las Vegas feeling more enlightened than when I got there. Therefore I cannot believe I’m about to type this, but: These are the five spiritual lessons I learned in Las Vegas.


Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.
— Wayne Dyer

Las Vegas is the epitome of abundance. There is SO MUCH AVAILABLE. One of my spiritual teachers, Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith teaches how to align with prosperity. His teachings say that acknowledging abundance everywhere is one of the first steps towards allowing prosperity to flow into your life. The examples he gives are more nature based like… look at the trees and how many leaves there are, the lawn has a seemingly endless supply of blades of grass, etc.

The universe decided I needed a little bit of a jolt of to prove the principle of abundance and just showed me ENDLESS M&M’S, BUFFETS, ALL THE LIGHTS, ETC.

Photo by Growing Up Gabel

Photo by Growing Up Gabel

Sometimes we get caught up in the “not enough” or scarcity mindset due to fear, stress or other life factors. These feelings and thoughts cling to your aura and filter the brightness of the positive vibrations you’re trying to radiate towards the world. 

So when I got to Las Vegas, I will admit that I was super stressed. Letting myself tune in to the energy of so much abundance helped alleviate my heart because it was a reminder that there is always more than enough to go around. Just like every tray of food at a Buffett gets refilled, a better opportunity/situation will be available shortly… because we live in an abundant universe.



Have you ever heard the saying “You get back what you give”? Although that might not literally be the case in Las Vegas (because some people give and don’t ever receive)… BUT the spiritual principle of circulation is VERY present in Vegas. Giving and receiving- even just witnessing it- is confirmation that you are alive and participating in the human experience.

If you feel like you are on a cycle of give, give, give… maybe you are blocking some receptivity?

Whatever you desire more of you need to start giving. Don’t just give around the holidays. Don’t give to get, but give with the right intention -– law of circulation -– the cosmic balance. It is how you confirm that you are alive and connected to life. Know that money is energy in a specific form. Energy is a universal principle, and you are merely a conduit through which it flows. You may not have much to give but give nonetheless; give time, give smiles, give hugs, give service, give patience, give respect, give forgiveness, give love, give thanks and most importantly, give thanks to the universal cosmic balance for it all. - Gwendolyn Escodavis

How can you deny that circulation exists when you see a city where people come to give and receive on a monumental scale?



It was recently brought to my attention that we inhibit the amount of pleasure we allow ourselves to feel as means of self preservation. We get comfortable in what we know and sometimes what we know is our own suffering or frustration.

Las Vegas offers the opportunity to witness and experience pleasure. No matter what walk of life or how you define pleasure- there is a way to find it there if you so wish.

I found pleasure by hanging out by the pool, soaking in the sun, listening to great music and just enjoying my wonderful friends. Others might have the ultimate pleasure from the shows, food, drinks, clubs, etc.

Allowing myself to truly receive pleasure and joy WITHOUT GUILT really invigorated my spirit.

The aura benefits from the sun, hydration and laughter… so I made sure to get plenty of those pleasures.




You didn’t think I was gonna write a whole article about Las Vegas and not touch on the dark side, did you? As with the Aura and it’s colors, there is a light and shadow aspect to all things. People ask me all the time what the negative side of the colors I read are because I seemingly only talk about the positive. It’s true, my readings always seek to deliver messages that will be of the highest good to the person receiving. However, if I see something that is muddy or blocked in the aura I will address it.

Let’s take the color red (the most misunderstood color in my opinion). In the light, red stands for ambition, vitality, strength, power and perfectionism. The shadow elements of red are anger, frustration, lust, stubbornness, etc.

When we are in a healthy state, we are more in the light side of the vibrational spectrum. I’ve heard the ego be described as Edging God Out. What does that mean? We edge out God/The Universe/Spirit when our earthly minds think we know exactly how things are going to play out.

Sometimes we want certain things for reasons that are out of alignment. Whether it be a relationship, a job, a certain place in society, etc. When an unhealthy, unbalanced ego takes over we can become easily frustrated or just close ourselves off to opportunities that might be a better fit for us.

In Las Vegas, there were plenty of choices I could have made that would have brought me closer to my shadow self. Because I am an adult with free will, I am more than able to make those choices. The freedom lies when you can consciously see the light and shadow options clearly and confidently choose one or the other. The more we become acquainted with our ego and our shadow self, the easier it will be to let it be them be the passengers of your life and not the drivers.

A healthy ego focuses on creativity rather than competition.
— Michael Bernard Beckwith



Hi. I am Lisandra and I am a bit of a control freak. (Hi, Lisandra) Sigh. Yes, it’s true. I have trouble not controlling or being able to compartmentalize things. (Read into it all you want, but as a DOUBLE Virgo, I feel like being this way is also in my nature.)

A desire to control is often a result of fear.

For example, I was waiting on an important phone call before Las Vegas and I couldn’t do anything but stress myself about that call because I had no way of knowing how the other party was going to approach my requests.

So I consciously released and I let go of (most of) my control. By firstly, riding to Las Vegas with a friend, so I had little control over our timing for getting there or leaving. My friends planned all the activities and accommodations and you know what? It was ALL GOOD.

It’s okay to release control when you have a good safety net of people. (Especially when someone else chooses that everyone will be wearing sequin.)

It’s okay to release control when you have a good safety net of people. (Especially when someone else chooses that everyone will be wearing sequin.)

Once you have done the work of putting good people and good systems into place, it is totally okay to let go of total command.

In the end, I was overwhelmed by the amount of support I felt by the universe once I released the grip I had on that which I could not control.

Like the old saying goes- it’s not what happens to you that defines you, it’s how you handle it.



This is definitely was not an ad for Vegas, but I hope it helps you release any preconceived notions you might have about a particular place or experience so you can experience it as if it were the first time. You never know… something positive might surprise you.

Until next time.



Lisandra Vazquez