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color red.jpg

For action, survival, change, power, physical energy, courage, determination, and passion; the color of the crusader. 

POSITIVE QUALITIES: As clear bright red, scarlet, or rich ruby, it indicates a vibrant life, the ability to overcome any obstacles, a desire to initiate positive change and a passionate lover.

NEGATIVE QUALITIES: Bright metallic red signals a short temper, a bullying nature, a tendency to erupt if frustrated, and impulsivity or risk taking. When the red is dull or harsh, it reveals suppressed fury, an irritable nature, and a resentment over perceived injustices, which build up rapidly. Scarlet-flashing auras suggest a flirtatious nature and maybe inappropriate passion.

colors orange.jpg

For confidence, independence, and a strong sense of identity, fertility, self-esteem, health, happiness and personal desires; the color of the integrator.

POSITIVE QUALITIES: Warm, rich orange indicates the ability to integrate different aspects of life; sociability; self-motivation, originality and creative abilities; and an open-minded, enthusiastic, and optimistic nature. Bright orange is an excellent sign for anyone wanting children.

NEGATIVE QUALITIES: A pale orange may indicate a lack or loss of identity or low self-esteem, someone who bases their sense of worth and identity only on what others think, or someone who is being bullied. Murky orange may indicate an oversensitive ego and territorial tendencies. Overly harsh orange represents excess and obsessions, especially issues relating to food and self image.

color yellow3.jpg

For logic and intellectual achievement, speculative abilities, versatility and mental dexterity, and a changeability or restlessness.

POSITIVE QUALITIES: Clear lemon yellow is the color of a focused mind and a sharp memory, of financial and business acumen, especially in speculation and technological expertise. Bright yellow is a color of joy and clear communication, and brilliant canary yellow suggests a potential actor or entertainer. Clear yellowy brown augurs a scientific or mathematical mind.

NEGATIVE QUALITIES: Irregular harsh streaks of yellow indicate hyperactivity, while mustard yellow may mask jealousy or resentment. A metallic yellow haze conceals less-than-honest intent and a tendency towards gambling. Sharp lemon yellow may be logical but may also represent a sharp, sarcastic tongue.  Mustard yellow may also indicate spite, or a potential gossip. A very cold yellow may suggest that the head always rules the heart. 

color green.jpg

For love, fidelity, trust, harmony, natural growth in every way, and concern of the environment; the color of the child of nature.

POSITIVE QUALITIES: Rich, clear green reveals a trustworthy, loving heart, who is generous with time, love, and money, and whose words come from the heart. A green aura is the sign of a person deeply committed in love. Emerald green shows a natural healer, especially in the alternative field, and someone who is naturally lucky.

NEGATIVE QUALITIES: Pale green suggests emotional dependency. A dull, muddy green can reveal conflicting emotions or a potential emotional vampire who sucks energy from others. Yellowy green can be a sign of possessiveness and emotional blackmail. Lime green may imply stress in current relationships. A cloudy or dark green aura may indicate those who love unwisely and too much, or are pining fro unrequited love. 

color bkue.jpg

For ideals; broad vision, both of perspective and physical horizons; natural authority; and healing powers transmitted through higher sources; the color of the seeker of truth.

POSITIVE QUALITIES: Royal blue indicates an integrated personality, with a keen sense of justice and natural powers of leadership. Bright blue is very creative and also altruistic. Pale blue is the color of the idealist with global vision. Clear blue represents objectivity, and the possessor is often a gifted speaker and teacher. Blue auras suffusing other aura colors can be seen around spiritual healers; authors; and musicians, actors and other performers.

NEGATIVE QUALITIES: Dull, dense blue may represent increased conservatism and a concern for rigid rule keeping, regardless of circumstances. Harsh blue is a sign of someone who is autocratic, opinionated and intolerant of others' lifestyles and beliefs.

color indigo.jpg

For inner vision and psychic awareness, spirituality, and knowledge of the future and of past lives/worlds; the color of the seer, the wise one, and the evolving.

POSITIVE QUALITIES: Clear indigo indicates acute sensitivity to people's unspoken intentions and awareness of the spiritual world, enhanced intuition, clairvoyance and clairaudience, and charitable care for all in need. The brighter shades indicate a fertile imagination. Deep indigo is present in the auras of wise older people. Lavender, which is a shade related to indigo, brings sensitivity to the higher powers within nature, and those with a lavender tinge in their aura enjoy an awareness of devas and a gift for herbalism.

NEGATIVE QUALITIES: When the indigo aura is blurred, it implies that its owner is spending too long on daydreams and illusions or on self-pity and a tendency to stress, especially absorbing other people's negative moods. A dark indigo indicates isolation and disillusionment with the world. An all-suffusing indigo can reveal a person with Asperger's syndrome or other conditions associated with oversensitivity to the world, especially among the young.

color violet.jpg

For medium senses and connection with other dimensions and with ancestors, angels, and spirit guides; the color of the mystic, the visionary, and of integration between all aspects of the self and the spiritual world.

POSITIVE QUALITIES: A connection with unconscious wisdom and the collective knowledge of humankind in all places and ages. The ability to think laterally and globally and to disregard immediate gain to achieve a long-term goal; a love and tolerance of humanity with all its weaknesses and a peacemaker with the highest ethics; the ability to heal through higher energy sources, such as angels and wise guides; a tendency to gain recognition, especially in the performing or creative arts, in a meaningful way rather than in a merely commercial way.

NEGATIVE QUALITIES: When violet is too pale, drive, incentive, and stamina may be lacking, and grand plans rarely come to fruition. Too harsh a violet indicates perfectionism and/or unrealistic idea of what is possible -- that is, the inability to accept everyday life and people with all their imperfections. A dull violet may indicate depression. 

color white.jpg

For limitless potential, boudless energy, the free-flowing life force, the color of the soaring spirit, the quester, and the innovator.

POSITIVE QUALITIES: At its most vibrant, this aura is the color of those who follow a unique life path and make a difference in the world. It draws pure, undiffused light from the cosmos that can be used for healing. It is a highly evolved color, indicating higher levels of consciousness, purity of intention, and the quest for what is of worth.

NEGATIVE QUALITIES: A pale, misty white may suggest a person who is out of touch with the real world and is involved in grandiose spiritual plans that have no foundation in reality. Murky white masks feelings of alienation and an unwillingness to reach out to others. An overly brilliant white heralds a holier-than-thou attitude and obsession with physical perfection and beauty; also the drive to push ahead, regardless of the consequences to others and eventual burnout.

color magenta.jpg

For spiritually expressed in the everyday world, for originality of vision, and for a path of service to others; the color of the teacher of truth and the release of the pain and suffering of others.

POSITIVE QUALITIES: Rich magenta is the color of spiritual leaders, whether a teacher of reiki ora great guru. It is most often seen in the aura of the wise one who has acquired wisdom through suffering and has used that experience for the benefit of others. However, it can also be seen in much younger people and any who have battled back from serious illness or who refuse to let disability or the impending threat of mortality defeat them. 

NEGATIVE QUALITIES: An overly harsh magenta belongs to the false guru for those who use spiritual power to dominate others. It also characterizes those who are so inflated by their own spiritual knowledge that they lose sight of the truth. 

color pink.jpg

For unconditional love, reconciliation, practical nurturing and gentleness; the color of the wise counselor and unconditional love.

POSITIVE QUALITIES: Bright pink is the color of the peacemaker between friends, family, and colleagues; the mender of bruised or broken hearts; and the healer of emotional sorrows and abuse. Gentle, kind, patient, and tolerant of other's failings, the clear pink person always sees the best in everyone; they are a loyal friend who makes any home beautiful and are excellent with children and young animals. Clear pink also suggests fertility.

NEGATIVE QUALITIES: A very pale pink, seen in men and women, is the little boy or girl lost syndrome, who constantly seeks rescuing. A dull or murky/muddy pink aura can indicate a 'poor me' martyrdom attitude. A very misty reveals that the possessor sees other people's point of view so much that he will take the path of least resistance and won't stand up for justice. 


"Colors of the Aura" section is directly from Cassandra Eason's book:
"A Little Bit of Auras: An Introduction to Energy Fields."